was created by Jerry Dean Hocek, a serial entrepreneur, marketing professional and filmmaker.

Jerry, a New Jersey native, arrived on the Washington Coast in July 2020 by way of Los Angeles.

After months of exploring and networking his butt off in Grays Harbor County, he realized that there was a serious need for a single, comprehensive resource to communicate all of what the mystical Washington Coast has to offer the hundreds of thousands of tourists that visit each year.

The government imposed restrictions of 2020 and 2021 appeared to do something beneficial—at least for Grays Harbor County.

Tourism in Grays Harbor County is up. Way up!

“Total visitor spending statewide in 2021 was $17.7 billion, or 18 percent below 2019 numbers. In Grays Harbor County, it was $349.6 million, or 41.4 percent more than 2019.”State of Washington Tourism

This influx of visitors is now also attracting more outside entrepreneurs and investors. They bring more competition for tourist dollars to the area.

We’re living in a world where we use our smartphones to book hotel reservations, rent a car, research a vacation destination, map a trip with a GPS app, search for dining options and figure out which attractions we want to visit.

Getting easily found on the Internet by your target audience is becoming more critical each day.

I generate more sales revenue for businesses currently operating on the Washington Coast, as well as for the new entrepreneurs now starting to appear.

Connecting you to your audience to effectively communicate your unique value proposition is what I do best.

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